Winter dish [ Nov. 7 ~ Mar.31 ]

Enjoy the king of the taste of the Sea of Japan in various dishes!

Our hotel has provided various plans from reasonable one that you can easily enjoy crabs to the luxurious one with the nationally famous brand "Shibayama crab" brand nationwide. Enjoy the special plan that only our hotel can provide as the crab-expert!!
Spring Autumn dish [ Apr. 1 ~ May 31 ] [ Sep. 1 ~ Nov. 6 ]

The "Matsuba crab" in the winter is not the only one "Crab" in Kasumi!

The "Matsuba crab" in the winter is not the only one "Crab" in our hotel! Kasumi also has "Red snow crab" which can be provided in spring / autumn season. Don't look down on it, the red snow crab in Kasumi is also called as "Kasumi crab", showing its excellent quality as it has the name of the place in it. Try and enjoy the taste of the meal.
Summer dish [ Jun. 1 ~ Aug. 31 ]

The hotel is in front of the ocean! Ideal location for sea bathing!

Our hotel is in front of the Kasumi bathing beach! Let's enjoy the summer ocean at the beautiful Sea of Japan with "everyone in your family", "your partner", or "your friends"! We can offer you a full of special plans using plenty of fresh ingredients such as a luxury ingredient of the rocky shore "abalone", fresh "whole squid sashimi arranged in the original shape", and fatty "Rosy seabass", and you can defeat the heat of the summer! Why don't you try it out?
Full year / Bisiness

Recommending to businessman / customer to stay without meal!

Our hotel is also friendly to the businessmen and customers who stay without meal. Single use is also available. You can reserve a room even on the day!
* "Business plan" is "limited to weekday only".