Welcome to Kasumi Kaigan Coast's "Yuukarou-Showa"!
We are a "Hotel hearty welcoming baby / child guests"!
With just one step from the hotel, you can see Kasumi bathing beach's sands!
The scenery of majestic Kasumi Kaigan Coast is so significant that it was designated as one of the Japan's 100 Most Beautiful Sunsets!
The participation in "San'in Kaigan Geopark" has also been decided! "Matsuba crab" "Shibayama crab" "Kasumi crab" "Tajima beef" "Rosy seabass" "Abalone" "Live squid sashimi" "Live lobster sashimi" , etc... You should try our uncompromisingly-provided inventive dishes using those fresh and carefully-selected local ingredients as well as the original desserts.
You can have a relaxing time at our proud fine-view bath / chartered bath after your meal... We also have various plans for a day trip!
* Credit card is available.
Charm of "showa" (7 charms)
a cafe "Plage"
There is a cafe "Plage" with a pastry chef on the 1st floor of the hotel. Enjoy the hand-made cakes and other sweets that our pastry chef thoroughly select ingredients and apply special recipe in the wonderful location in front of Kasumi Kaigan Coast. We also open at lunch time!
Enjoy the tastes pf seasonable foods at fishing port town!
Kasumi / Kami-cho is a traditional fishing port town. At the nearby Kasumi fishing port and Shibayama fishing port, a lot of seafood is caught every day. You can enjoy the seasonal ingredients special to Kasumi.
Drawing attention through various media!
Our hotel receives various awards such as "Rakuten Award", "Rakuten Travel Meister", "Customer's selected popular inn & hotel with 4-star or more ". TV stations cover our hotel on many occasions.
Hotel hearty welcoming child guests
Our hotel is small child / mother- friendly hotel. The young master of our hotel is a father himself with two children. We always try to offer our hospitality from the father / mother point of view.
Sightseeing in San'in Kaigan Geopark
The Kasumi Kaigan Coast where our hotel is located has been designated as a "Japan's Geopark" by Japan Geopark Committee in December 2008. The San'in Kaikan Geopark is the region where you can experience and learn its culture and history from the various geology and topography exited from the time of Japan Sea formation to the present and its natural background with the Sanin Kaigan National Park as its center.
Reputed "Crab Clam Chowder"
Our original "Crab Clam Chowder" is a proud dish approved for "trademark registration" by the Patent Office. Try it and you can feel the satisfaction with its great taste.
Perks on the web reservation!
For those who made reservations through our website, we will welcome you with some sweets upon you arrival at our hotel.
Right in front of you is Kasumi bathing beach
Kasumi bathing beach is right in front of us. Once you get out of the gate of our parking lot and cross the road, you will be walking on sand of the beach. It is an ideal location for going bathing in summer. You may enjoy sweets and drinks, overlooking the grand view of the seacoast from Plage in the first floor of our hotel.
Spirit of meeting and hospitality
The hotel is originally a family-run accommodation with homely atmosphere. Although we cannot offer you the magnificent welcome or gorgeous treatment, but we always ensure to have the good hospitality so that our guests can enjoy their special, relaxing and peaceful moment that becomes their good memory.